Arden Building Companies and its subsidiary companies are part of a PEER Group of mechanical contractors from all over the United States. Together they who review and share industry best practices to help drive continuous improvement for each company.

Arden Engineering Constructors hosted a review last week which involved interviews over a two-day period of employees from Arden Engineering, Earthwise Energy Technologies, Corporate Mechanical of New England, MJ Daly, and Unique Metal Works. The group also participated in two site tours at Arden Engineering’s 33,000 sqft. pipe fabrication facility in Pawtucket, Rhode Island as well as Unique Metal Works’ fabrication facility next door.

As part of the multiday event, PEER Group members and Arden Building Companies employees enjoyed an evening dinner at Café Nuovo in Providence, RI where there was an opportunity to relax, enjoy each others company and subtlety rub in the fact that the New England Patriots are the current Super Bowl Champs. Tom Brady and the number 12 may have been mentioned a time or two during the evening, just in case anyone may have forgotten who Tom is. All was taken in great fun and a good time was had by all.

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