Natalie Mansson

Construction Management major at Roger Williams University

We asked Natalie about her major, her future, and her experience at Arden…

“Construction has been an interest of mine since I was little. Then, and to this day, you can often find me watching renovation and construction shows. I knew construction would be a great career path for me when my family bought an old Cape house that needed a major renovation. I would always ask the contractor, plumber, and electrician questions about their work and the different systems used. During my years at Roger Williams, I have grown to love the construction industry even more and decided to take another year and get my Masters in Construction Management.

My experience at Arden Engineering Constructors has been incredible. I have been working in the estimating department, learning the different software they use, and completing various takeoffs. I have also worked with Project Managers, attended an on-site meeting, and did a site walk-through to see the incredible work Arden is doing.” 

Audrianna Casey

​Mathematics major at the University of Rhode Island

We asked Audrianna about her major, her future, and her experience at Arden…

“I chose mathematics as my area of study because of the impact it has on many different fields. During my time at URI, I have become a more well-rounded individual and taken on multiple experiences to see how math and analytical processes are applied to the “real world.”

My time at Arden Engineering Constructors has provided me with a fundamental understanding of HVAC systems and an overview of the construction industry. I did a few job-site walk-throughs alongside project managers and attended an on-site meeting. I also observed how BIM software is used by engineers from the planning to fabrication process and assisted in reviewing plans. My experience with Arden has been wonderful, and I have learned a lot from an exceptional team!”

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