Building Automation

Improving energy efficiency is the leading step toward achieving building sustainability. By controlling energy costs and reducing environmental footprints, you can increase the value of your building or facility. Arden provides leading technology and equipment, creating the best possible solutions.

Temperature Control

Temperature Control

Building temperatures are monitored using “set-points”. Adjustments can be made manually or remotely, room-by-room, or for the entire building. All of these intelligent control systems are monitored locally and remotely by central computer systems.

Lighting Control

Lighting Control

We can provide significant energy savings by controlling the lighting systems in occupied and unoccupied rooms. By sensing the presence of occupants and the need for additional light, we can efficiently turn lights on and off based on occupancy schedules.

Control System Design

Engineering & Design

Arden can provide control systems designed to keep building occupants comfortable, productive, and safe while efficiently controlling their environment. Our building automation systems will integrate seamlessly with other intelligent systems, creating “smart buildings.” 

System Integration

System Integration

We make everything from simple, configurable controls for specific equipment to highly programmable automation systems for entire buildings.

Control System Training


Following the integration process, comprehensive training is available for building owners, technicians, and property managers. Once complete, they will have the ability to make changes, monitor temperatures, perform analysis, and diagnose issues should they arise.

24 Hour Emergency Service

24-Hr Emergency Service

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Our certified technicians are available 24/7 to address any issue with your building automation control system.

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