The Rhode Island Public Transit Authority, RIPTA’s R-Line Bus Service, located on Montgomery Avenue in Cranston, Rhode Island, is going electric! Arden Engineering Constructors is working with BOND Civil & Utility on the project’s electrical, plumbing, and HVAC.

New RIPTA facilities building

The facilities building will feature driver restrooms and mechanical, electrical, and data rooms.

Pantograph arm

One of the four charging stations will include three power cabinets and a pantograph arm connecting to the top of the buses to provide a quick charge.

Electrical pipe in facilities building to carry PEX tubing
Electrical pipe in facilities building for PEX tubing

The containment pipe in the building’s foundation will carry PEX tubing for the snow melt system. Approximately 80,000 feet of tubing will be installed around the building, charging stations, and driveways.

pipe for electrical charging station
pipe for electrical charging station

Electrical piping for wiring the charging stations to provide power from the charge control set (center) to the three power cabinets. The 40’ electric buses are zero percent emissions which will help reduce pollution in the surrounding communities.

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