Safety & Training

One of the key benchmarks of our success is our commitment to safety. We make certain every employee – from our office staff to our tradespeople and subcontractors – understands safety is our first and top priority.

Toolbox Safety Talks – Are regular talks presented by field supervisors, providing the latest information, techniques, and code requirements. The structured program provides continuous education, ensuring that the safety bar is set high and stays there.

Onsite Cleanliness Protocols – A clean worksite is a safe work site! We work to ensure our construction footprint is clean, minimizing dust from boots and maintaining the purity of the air around us. From hospitals to manufacturing clean rooms to commercial mechanical rooms, we do what is necessary to keep our sites safe for everyone.

PPE Policy 100% – Our employees must wear appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE) for each task they work on. Routine hazardous surveys are conducted to ensure that the correct PPE is selected.

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