Service & Maintenance

HVAC / Mechanical

Mechanical / HVAC

We deliver comprehensive preventive maintenance programs designed to extend the life of your equipment, save the expense of unplanned downtime, and build efficiency.

Why Arden

  • Customized Maintenance Programs
  • Complete Account Management
  • Building Retro-Commissioning
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
Fire Protection

Fire Protection

Arden Building Companies offers total system responsibility through our comprehensive sprinkler preventative maintenance programs. Our programs are specifically designed to suit any system and fit any budget. Our trained service team is fully equipped and ready to respond to any service call, 24/7, keeping your fire protection systems in top operation – because nothing is more important than your safety.

Why Arden

  • Tenant Space Sprinkler Relocation
  • Code Compliant Inspections
  • Existing System Add-ons
Electrical Systems

Traffic Lighting & Technologies

Arden’s comprehensive Traffic Division provides code-compliant electrical work and lighting. Highly-skilled and experienced licensed electricians perform all work. Arden helps keep our roadways safe.

Why Arden

  • Electrical Diagnostics and Upgrades
  • Traffic Signal, Signs, and Lighting
  • Complete Traffic Mobile Fleet
Service & Maintenance Agreements

Service & Maintenance Agreements

Without proper maintenance, your building’s mechanical and HVAC systems, equipment will deteriorate and become susceptible to energy inefficiency or even costly and inconvenient disruptions of service. We provide planned maintenance programs specific to your building. Our proactive approach to service can help minimize operational and maintenance costs. Our scheduled service planned maintenance programs, and 24/7 catastrophic coverage options are designed to suit any system and fit any budget.

For Service call: 866-GO-ARDEN (866-462-7336)

24-Hr Emergency Service

24 Hour Emergency Service

We are available 24/7 to ensure that your building systems are always up and running. Our prompt, reliable, and qualified service team will identify and address any issues quickly and efficiently.

For 24-Hour Emergency Service call: 866-GO-ARDEN (866-462-7336)

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