Chloe Jackston, Pipefitter, Apprentice

Chloe Jackson
Pipefitter Apprentice, MJ Daly

We asked Chloe a few questions about Women in Construction…

What advice would you give to a young woman entering the construction industry?

Showing up is 88% of life. A suggestion for the other 12%? Be on time. Always make the best of it. A smile and a “can-do” attitude are all you need to get you through any challanges. There are no problems only solutions.

How do you think the construction industry can attract more female candidates?

There is a clear place for females. The same camaraderie men have women achieve. More often than not, a feminine vibe is exactly what the situation calls for. So don’t be afraid. But take no prisoners. Rosy the Riveter is real. Everyone has their strengths. If you want to wear a hard-hat, neon vest and wake up at the crack of dawn but live with the satisfaction of a hard day’s work, then construction is for you.

What is the best part of your job?

When you build something, I step back, check the system’s on and see it’s working correctly. That’s something to be proud of. What more can you ask for from a career?

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