Rochelle Sabatos, Safety Support Specialist

Rochelle assists with measurements for bakers staging at Fogarty Court building in Providence, RI.

Rochelle Sabatos
Safety Support Specialist, Arden Engineering Constructors

Rochelle started with Arden Engineering three and a half years ago. In June 2021 she moved into her current position as Safety Support Specialist.

We asked Rochelle a few questions about Women in Construction…

What advice would you give to a young woman entering the construction industry?

Ask a lot of questions. Learn the job better than anyone else – this will help develop your confidence. Find a Mentor with whom you can discuss your career trajectory, work, and communication. Try to break free from stereotypes by being open to opportunity. Build trust with co-workers, set boundaries, be yourself, and empower each other.

How do you think the construction industry can attract more female candidates?

1 – Create a welcoming environment, training & apprenticeships
2 – Advertise equal pay
3 – Amplify site safety, correct equipment & ensure female facilities are available
4 – Connect women through networking

Last year you made a significant position change in your career with Arden. How would you best describe the impact of that change and working in the construction industry?

I am more confident in myself. I am willing to take the steps necessary to advance my knowledge in safety and construction. I appreciate that every day I’m learning something new. I enjoy the training and interaction with everyone in all trades. Working alongside technicians in all trades and doing my best to keep everyone safe is a rewarding experience for me.

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